GLAE «Groupement Luxembourgeois de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace»


The ''Groupement luxembourgeois de l''aéronautique et de l''espace'' (GLAE) was founded as a non profit making organization in February 2005. The founding members of GLAE are the following Luxembourg based companies: POST Luxembourg; HITEC Luxembourg S.A.; LUXSPACE S.à r.l.; SES S.A. and TELINDUS Luxembourg S.A.

The setting up of GLAE follows on from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg''s adhesion to the European Space Agency (ESA) and offers Luxembourg companies the opportunity to create synergies at the national and European level for both private and public sector.


GLAE is working closely with the Luxembourg Space Cluster that brings together renowned and highly specialised companies and public research organisations in order to develop specific technology topics as well as collaborative RDI projects. The Luxembourg Space Cluster focuses on the following thematic areas: Space telecommunications, Global Navigation Satellite System and Location based Applications, Earth observation, Maritime security and safety, Space related technologies.

GLAE, constituted within the Luxembourg Federation of Employers Fedil - Business Federation Luxembourg, has the objective of providing a permanent link between its members, advising them and defending their shared professional, economic and social interests by all means deemed appropriate at a national and international level. GLAE seeks to be the interlocutor of the Government for addressing all questions in relation to initiatives taken by the authorities in the framework of ESA programmes and establishment of a space policy in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

For the GLAE members space is the core of important strategic challenges as it concerns both citizens and enterprises: independent access to information, security and defence policy as well as the implementation of advanced technologies in different sectors of the economy.

GLAE gathers the following Luxembourg companies: GRADEL S.A., GT Satellite Systems S.A., HITEC Luxembourg S.A., LuxGovSat S.A., LUXSPACE S.àr.l., POST Luxembourg, SES S.A., TELINDUS S.A. as well as the agency LUXINNOVATION GIE. These companies represent some 500 employees in direct or indirect relation with the field of space activities.