Economic mission to the U.S. West Coast

From  9th to  April 13th 2017, GLAE particpated in an economic mission to the U.S. West Coast to promote Luxembourg as a European hub for the exploration and commercial use of space resources. The economic mission was conducted by the Ministry of the Economy and headed  by Luxembourg’s Crown Prince

The mission aimed to identify and develop new business opportunities and to promote the governmental initiative that offers an attractive overall framework for space resource utilization related activities, including but not limited to the legal regime to provide private companies and  investors  with a secure legal environment as of the ownership of resources gathered in space.

The four-day program included  events  presenting the Grand Duchy as a location for potential investors, as well as visits to U.S. companies (Planetary Resources, SSL) and scientific institutes (NASA Frontier Development Lab/SETI Institute) to learn about the latest trends and developments in the space industry.