HITEC Luxembourg S.A.


HITEC Luxembourg S.A.
Division des Télécommunications
Offices :   2, rue Emile Bian
L-2999 Luxembourg
Postal address :  


Phone :   (+352) 49 84 78 - 1
Fax :    (+352) 40 13 03
E-mail :     info@hitec.lu
Activity :   HITEC is an engineering company providing integrated solutions with expertise in mechanics, physics, electronics, software, microwave and project management. It benefits from EU & NATO security clearance and brings expertise in monitoring/control and antenna systems (6-13m diameter) for satellite communication, test/quality control and physical characteristics measurement equipment for industry and traffic management / engineering.
Space activities:   Past/present experience:
supply of monitoring & control and antenna systems. 
Fields of interest: ground antenna system design & development, antenna feedhorns, and multi-band feed systems; Satellite Communications Retrofitting, refurbishment and maintenance services, GALILEO; GMES; EO; ARTES